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Bazaar Group Ltd.

23 Apr 2019

From unexpected guests, impromptu barbecues and even sudden showers, making the most of outdoors spaces during the British summer can be tricky.
Adaptable furniture that works both inside and out can be a useful solution, whether it’s providing extra seating for visitors or simply enjoying some early evening sun.
Alison Chatten, interiors specialist and head of design and development at British soft seating manufacturer Bazaar Group, said: “Summer is when flexible furniture really comes into its own. Pieces that can be easily moved around and used for a variety of activities can be incredibly useful, particularly if they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor living spaces.

“Look for pieces in tones that harmonise with your interior style, and don’t be afraid to use them as a pop of colour. A brighter piece can also add a bit of vibrancy to your outdoor space.”  
The Bazaar Bag is a versatile giant beanbag floor cushion which can be moulded into an assortment of shapes – prop it against a wall or tree like a floor-chair, lay flat for lounging or straddle into a comfortable, supported canoe shape.
The tactile water proof and wipe clean fabric makes it ideal for lazing in the sun and it won’t get damaged if caught in a sudden downpour. Measuring 180cm by 140cm, it’s great to sprawl out on but also big enough to share. It is available in 13 colours, ranging from bright pink and aqua to cooler shades such as duck egg and heather rose.
– ends –
Notes for editors: Allison Chatten is available for interviews and expert advice. She is one of Britain’s leading furniture designers, with more than 15 years’ experience in trend prediction and furniture design.
Bazaar Group, a leading soft furnishing manufacturer based in Northumberland. Its brands include Icon, Ayla, Leda, Eden Learning Spaces and Bambeano. They are available to purchase at   

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