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Give Boho a go with Hurn & Hurn

Hurn & Hurn

21 Jan 2019

Boho is back, but this time instead of layering and patterned fabrics, the look is a lot cleaner and brighter. Hurn & Hurn have a beautiful selection of modern boho inspired products that are bound to brighten up your humble abode and bring hawaii vibes to your living space.

We are starting to see a modern twist on the Boho trend which means more natural colours and materials with a touch of scandi chic.

Bold patterns will bring this earthly trend to life. Add the Stoneware Hanging Plant Pot/ Flower Pot to inject depth into your decor.

The Pure New Wool Luma Throw Blanket in apricot will brighten up your living room adding a luxurious and stylish touch to the tribal trend.

Natural materials are key to achieving this summer style, this Natural Rattan Pendant Ceiling Light is quirky and will match with many colours and designs. The sculptural light is the ideal statement piece to bring boho back into your home.


Pair the Rattan Ceiling Light with this Natural Woven Water Hyacinth Camo Side Table. This unusual centrepiece will fit into a modern living area and will also add a rustic accent.

Having large mirrors in your living space will create the sense of a larger room. Place the Poise Wall Mounted Black Oval Mirror in your bedroom for a fuller feel. This mirror is also the perfect accessory for the bohemian movement.


This stunning Abstract Handwoven Kilim Cushion can be mixed with many different styles. This cushion boasts a contemporary look and will add a dash of modern boho that your humble abode craves.

Bloomingville - Stoneware Hanging Plant Pot / Flower Pot, Grey: £25.00
Tweedmill - Pure New Wool Luma Throw Blanket - Apricot: £49.95
Bloomingville - Natural Rattan Pendant Ceiling Light: £209.00
Bloomingville - Natural Woven Water Hyacinth Camo Side Table: £119.00
Ferm Living - Poise Wall Mounted Black Oval Mirror: £174.00
Ferm Living- Abstract Handwoven Kilim Cushion With Insert- Landscape: £75.00


Sir Gordon Bennett launches to help British crafts...

Sir Gordon Bennett Ltd

21 Jan 2019

BRISTOL, Great Britain. January 21thst 2019 – Sir Gordon Bennett is an online store and blog that purveys the best in Great British design and manufacturing. All products are guaranteed to have British provenance, to give consumers peace of mind that are buying British. With a starting inventory of 30 or so brands there is a wide-ranging selection of beautifully crafted items. From heritage brands such Acme Whistles, Fox Umbrellas and Corgi Socks to modern brands such as Ajoto Pens, Haeckels of Margate and Risdon & Risdon. They all have one thing in common; their belief in British craftsmanship.
‘People are demanding more from the brands they let into their lives, better designed and better made with less impact on the environment. And they are also looking for more unique gifts for special occasions’ said Neil Elliot co-founder ‘And Britain certainly has an abundance of brands that fulfil people’s desires. Whether they are 200 years old with a Royal Warrant or 2 years old with a right royal future’
Although fast fashion will not go away, people are more mindful of the things they buy. The ‘Made in Britain’ mark has a cache of quality around the world as it always has. To quote Benjamin Franklin ‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten’.
As well as purveying brands that are a wonderful addition to consumers lives, Gordon’s Bugle will also be an informative online blog that explores Britishness through the lens of design. Written to educate, inform, amuse and occasionally bemuse.
Sir Gordon Bennett is the brainchild of Neil Elliot and Dan Colagiovanni and its mission is to be a trusted destination for those that want to buy British and gift something a little more special than the usual humdrum presents. Whether that is due to its superior quality or in the current climate they just think they should.
About Sir Gordon Bennett.
Sir Gordon Bennett is an online store that only purveys Great British products. Its products come from the four corners of this green and pleasant land. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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